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Decoration, decorative tiles

Voluminous and imposing decorations, plain, whimsical tiles, discover the mixture of materials, shapes, colors… Decorating is daring! All the effects and all the trends that we offer are at the service of your decoration. The goal? Matching your personality and that of your home as closely as possible. Let your imagination be free.

Are you looking for decorative tiles or decorative earthenware for your bathroom, living rooms, outdoor decorative tiles in Toulon / Hyères and its agglomeration? Find tiles and decorative earthenware in our Perimeter store in la Garde

You have questions about our products: Travertine, stone, tiles, ceramics etc.
Are you in the region of Toulon, Hyères, La Garde, La Seyne or even Aix-en-Provence or Saint-Tropez?
We are experts, write to us!

    Whether you live in La Farlède, Toulon, Solliès-Pont or Hyères, find in our PériMètre de la Garde store, our decorative products in wall covering, tiles, earthenware, tiling, splashback, wall tiling, stoneware, stoneware, pattern for each of your rooms or spaces: shower room, toilet, bathroom, toilet, walk-in shower, dining room, living room, kitchen, living room, bedrooms.

    Perimeter produces tailor-made quotes in accordance with your budgets and wishes.
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